My mom is writing a book and one part of the book says ‘’Look out of the window, look at everything you don’t like and then do something about all the things you actually can do something about.’’ It’s a way of life - choosing to make shit happen instead of waiting for someone else to make it happen. I am definitely a fan of making shit happen in life and actively doing things that will improve the quality of your life. 

Living in Medellin, Colombia and having our physical gym there, I met a lot of digital nomads/travelers that all had the same thing in common: They all wanted to meet new people and be part of/belong to something meaningful. I got inspired by our friend and client Stephanie who started a ‘’Blogging meet up’’ in Medellin, because she wanted to learn more about blogging and connect to other people who do too. It sounds so simple, but when was the last time you created an event or gathered a group of people to share your passion? 

So instead of complaining about how there are no cool meet ups out there, how its lame to go out and having to party and drink all the time in order to connect to people, how everybody is hiding behind their computer these days - let’s share our passions with the people around us and make shit happen. The internet has made it so incredibly easy for us to create an event and find people who share the same passion. 

I started to look our of my own window of life and got tried of not being able to meet new people in a way that comes natural to me. I was so used to playing soccer all my life and being part of a team that I didn't realize that the social aspect of exercising and playing with people was missing in my life when I stopped playing. That’s why we started ALPHA - Fitness & Lifestyle, to connect people and having fun while working out. We wanted to make it easy for people to use our workouts anywhere, either alone or share it with the people around them. 


1. Create a Facebook event - promote it in Facebook groups depending on the city you are in. For example: ''Digital Nomads Medellin''.

2. Use or Eventbrite to host an event and see if it's active in the city you are in.

3. Couchsurfing - create an event and meet fellow travelers.

4. Travello app - to connect to travelers around you and see who is currently near your location.

5. Visit Co-working spaces and invite the people you see there.

6. Use Instagrams location feed to find people near you. Or use hashtags to chat to like minded people (for example #Digitalnomad or #Medellin for location).

If you are looking for an excuse to invite your friends and strangers for a workout, download our free workout below. Send us some pictures and videos of the workout meet up and we will send you a new free workouts for all your meet ups!

Love, Charlie