Let’s be honest: We always make time for the things that are most important to us. Squeezing in a 30 min workout every day is never impossible. We make the mistake of thinking that we need to choose either or: work or fitness, traveling or staying in shape, enjoying good food or having the body we want. Thinking that it’s either or is the biggest excuse we make when it comes to goals we have in life. If we are being completely honest and real, we know that it’s possible to travel and stay in shape. It’s possible to be a hard working entrepreneur and still stick to your workout and diet.

We have summed up the 5 factors you need to consider when trying to really commit to your fitness lifestyle, no matter what.

1. What's your ''why''?

If you don’t know your “why” you will probably experience that your motivation is coming and going. Knowing why you want to commit to your fitness goals is the key factor for consistent work and progression. Why do you want the results you want? Here are some examples from our clients:

  • “I want to stay in good physical shape, because my head is clearer and I react better to daily stress.”

  • “I want to work out 5 times a week and stick to a clean diet 80% of the time, because it makes me proud of myself. I love myself more and feel more confident. I believe that my clients can feel my confidence and contentment as well, which makes me more successful at work.”

  • “I want to stay in good shape because I believe that I deserve to be the best version of myself, inside and out. I believe that my husband deserves it too. I have a higher sex drive when I feel happy with my body.”

  • “I want to work out on this vacation and enjoy restaurants while eating clean. I want to commit to this because I don’t want to come home 5kg heavier and feel unhappy in my body.”

Do you see the pattern? Your “why” needs to be big enough to keep you going. To make you wake up 30 min earlier and help you make the best choices for your long term happiness.


2. Having a written plan.

A plan is not there to restrict you, it’s there to make it easy for you. You plan which days you are going to work out, what food you are sticking to and which days you would like to cheat a little bit on your diet. We know; this is a lot to handle. If you are unsure about how to strategically plan your workouts in order to achieve maximum results, then take advantage of our customized ALPHA TRAVEL and ALPHA FOR BUSY BEES plans. We have clients that only need a  plan for as little as a 3-day business trip and clients that travel for a living and need a year-round fitness plan. Find out more on our website www.alphamedellin.co under the tab ‘’ALPHA Online’’.

3. Social accountability.

Post your goal on your social media, blog about your progress or tell a friend about your goals. Do whatever it takes to keep you going. Only a few people are able to always push themselves to have a huge intrinsic motivation that will keep them going every day. That’s why people hire personal trainers or join communities. That’s also why more and more people have started blogging and vlogging about their fitness journeys daily. It helps them to commit to their own goals. Some people decide to do it with their partner or with friends, which also will help them stick to their goals. If you know somebody who is in a similar situation, too busy to find time to work out or maybe traveling with you, then join forces and push each other.

4. Nutrition

People have different opinions on the importance of proper nutrition when it comes to body composition. The importance of your diet depends on your goal and what type of body you already have. A person with more muscles will use more energy just breathing than a person who has never worked out. A person that wants to achieve a super lean look will need to be more strict with their diet than a person who is happy even if their six pack is not showing. A lot of clients make the mistake of setting goals that don’t match the kind of lifestyle they want to have. Reality is that having a very low body fat percentage and an overall cut look is difficult to match with the lifestyle of eating out and having cheat meals every day. Remember to take into account what lifestyle changes you have to make in order to achieve your goals. An example is our client Marie that went to Chicago for two weeks and set as a goal for herself to not gain weight on her trip. We planned four 30-minute workouts for her that required no equipment. She also committed to treating herself to one salty cheat meal and two sweet cheat treats each week. In addition, she decided to walk everywhere possible instead of taking a cab or a bus. She had her ALPHA NUTRITION checklists with her that helped her to stay on track.


5. Online trainer

Some people seem to enjoy pushing themselves, while others enjoy having somebody that helps them to stay on track. Some of our clients seem to be disciplined about their diets and workouts, even while traveling, and some seem to need a daily reminder and extra motivation. The internet is doing a fantastic job at the communication and progress tracking between clients and trainer. We created ALPHA online in order to inspire people all around the world. This means that you can sign up for online training and stay in communication with us on a daily basis. In this way we will send you your daily workout and nutrition tips on the go. Our client Clair used to be very insecure when it came to food choices and would send us the picture of the restaurant’s menu she was headed to. In this way we were able to suggest her what to choose in order to stay on track with her goals.

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