Two tools every fit traveler needs

Most people like to stay in shape while they are traveling. Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you want to do physical activity, but there are no gyms, equipment or proper spaces around to motivate you? The fact is that if you have the right tools, and know how to use them, magnificent traveler workouts can be done wherever and whenever. In this article we will take a look at two pieces of equipment that are easy to carry, useful for whole body workouts and can be used everywhere. PS. These two pieces are amazing if you have knee problems and are actually often used for knee rehabilitation.

trx and resistance band workouts


Tool 1: TRX

It's safe to say that the TRX bands are a fantastic invention. You can put them up basically everywhere and do workouts that will make you gain strength and balance. There are few better ways to engage and strengthen your core than doing a TRX workout. All you need is somewhere to fasten the hook of the TRX, like a tree or a metal bar. There are almost an unlimited amount of TRX exercises. We have picked our favourites and will share them with you at the bottom of this article, in form of a whole body workout that will take about 45 minutes. What makes the TRX a great traveler fitness tool is that you can pack it into the size of a good novel. It's also relatively light, so you won't have to leave anything behind to be able to carry it around. From Tuesday May 9th there will be a TRX workout video available on our youtube channel "alphamedellin". Stay tuned!

TRX traveler workout


Tool 2: Elastic Bands

Where a TRX can be compared to a good novel, an elastic band can be compared to a bookmark. These bands basically fit everywhere, and can be rolled into the size of a lipstick. You can use them wherever you go; all you need is a small, open space where you can move your arms and legs. Elastic bands give resistance to your movements, and you'll realise that this tool can give you an incredible effect by doing intensive 30 minute workouts 2-3 times a week. The cool thing is that there exist different bands with different levels of resistance, often defined by the color of the band. We have already posted a video on how to build a booty where many of the exercises are done with elastic bands. Watch the video HERE. There are also plenty of upper body and core exercises that can be done with elastic bands, and you will find our favourites in the bottom of this article.

If you are a traveler and would like to maintain your fitness while being on the road, one (or both) of these two tools should be in your backpack. They will make your workouts more fun, easier to change up and therefore also more motivating. Equipment like TRX and elastic bands will definitely add value to your travels. 

We specialize in traveler fitness, everything inside ALPHA Online is designed and easy made for travelers that have no access to equipment as well as travelers that do have access to equipment. Check out our TRX Workout below!