When you decide to work out by yourself, you have already taken a huge step in the right direction. That being said, solo workouts require a tough and disciplined mind. In this article we will give you 7 tools that will help you give the little extra even when no one is watching.

1) Discipline

Being disciplined is often associated with something negative, but in reality discipline could be associated with self love. Choose what you want the most (long-term goals) over what you want right now (short-term pleasure).

2) Be honest with yourself

There is a difference between being too hard on yourself and being honest with yourself. Your mind is good at protecting you from things that are painful and most people naturally try to stay comfortable by not pushing themselves. Your mind is good at coming up with excuses that will keep you from pushing yourself to your limits. Is cutting 2 seconds of every exercise ‘’good enough’’? Be honest when you think about what’s good enough for you and hold yourself accountable.

3) Being intrinsically motivated

Intrinsically motivated people work out hard even when nobody is watching. They give everything they have even when there is no one cheering for them, applauding or rewarding them. Focus on competing against yourself. Time a workout, then do the exact same workout next week and try to beat your own time.

4) Make it a habit

Make your well-being a habit. Choose your goals over your excuses every single day. Do you have a habit of quitting after 10 repetitions even though you were supposed to do 12 repetitions? Well, that’s something you can change if you become mentally aware of it. Get in the habit of finishing every exercise exactly the way your plan says. Get into the habit of choosing healthier meals when you eat out and prepping your own meals whenever you can.

5) Use the 5 second rule

There are many 5 second rules, but we are referring to the one created by Mel Robbins. It states that you should count down from 5 to 1 in your head, get up and ‘’just do it’’ as Nike says. Whether it’s getting out of bed when your alarm clock rings or doing a workout, the rule states that your brain will come up with excuses if you take longer than 5 seconds to get thoughts into action. Use the 5 second rule every time you can’t motivate yourself to work out.

6) Think about how you will feel afterwards

You want to feel good after a workout. When you give 60% of what you can, you will end the workout with a unsatisfied feeling. Why? You didn’t give everything. You can make up excuses for not pushing yourself, but you internally know what you are capable of doing.

7) What kind of person do you want to be?

What normally helps us with our motivation and mental strength is thinking ‘’What kind of person do I want to be?” Do you want to be the person that gives up, or do you want to be the person that follows through with their goals? Remember that every single decision you make can take you closer to the person you want to be.

It might also motivate you that nobody needs to know about these workouts. Have you ever met a friend after two months and he or she looks so much healthier and happier? You can be that friend, just make sure to do your solo workouts properly.

“Remember that every single decision you make can take you closer to the person you want to be.”

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