An honest expression from Charlie:


I remember feeling like I don't know who I am and what I really want. I remember trying to look for answers and guidance in other people, in books, in society. I remember trying to copy other people's goals and lifestyles thinking that I will be happy and successful if I do exactly what they are doing. I tried to fit in, be liked, do whatever would make people admire me, look up to me and be proud of me. I tried to find a sense of purpose in other people, in places, jobs, in my resume.

Until I learned how to use meditation as my way of connecting to who I am and what I really want. I started using meditation to unlearn all the ways in which I was trying to be something I'm not, all the ways in which I was trying to manipulate my life and my relationships, the ways in which I was trying to choose a life that would please other people. I started using meditation to gain clarity and to anchor myself in love, to wake up in sync with my values, filled up with an energy that would help me be and attract what's best for me and the world around me. I also used meditation to let go of all the guilt I had built up from living a life with a clouded mind, making choices that were driven by selfishness.

I used it to fall in love with myself and my body and to express myself without shame. For anybody who has been thinking about meditation or has been struggling with any of the above, please contact us🌻. If you know me you know that I love to share meditation and self development with people, to exchange ideas and to inspire.