1. Doing only isolation exercises

Exercises that work only one muscle is called isolation exercises. Biceps Curl, Shoulder Press or Leg Extension are all examples of isolation exercises. There is nothing wrong with isolation once in awhile, but in general we’ll recommend to stick to compound exercises that affect various muscles. You can do Bar Row instead of Biceps Curl and work on your back and biceps, Standing One Arm Shoulder Press to work on your core, shoulders and triceps or you can do Squats instead of Leg Extension.  Remember; the more muscles you use, the more calories you’ll burn.

Photo taken @Alpha.Medellin 

Photo taken @Alpha.Medellin 

2. Using machines

We have to say that some machines are really useful. They make it easy to isolate muscles and focus on what you want. On the other hand you won’t be engaging your core in the same way as when you use free weights, kettlebells, bars, TRX or do calisthenics. We often see people ‘’machine hopping’’ in the gym. In relation to what we wrote earlier about isolation exercises, “machine hopping” most likely won’t give you the strong and resistant body that you’re looking for. At least try to mix it up with some free weights or TRX to make your entire body work while exercising.

3. Doing Crunches to get abs

Maybe you have heard people say ‘’Abs are made in the kitchen’’. That’s because having abs under a layer of fat won’t make them visible. You can do as many Crunches or advanced bar exercises as you want, but you have to be disciplined with your nutrition to get your six pack going. If you wonder how to eat yourself to visible abs, please send us a message on social media or www.alphamedellin.co.

4. Not focusing on Nutrition

This is related to nr. 3. A lot of people that are starting an exercise program think that they can achieve their fitness goals through exercising alone. This is a common mistake that sets people up for failure. Starting an exercise routine will make you feel hungrier due to increased energy expenditure and the need for your body to repair muscle strain. Rather than trying to avoid eating all together or not paying attention to your nutrition at all, you could find a good routine where you eat healthy meals and snacks during the day. We have it figured out for you, just ask us about what you can do to make the workouts really pay off.

5. Doing hours of cardio

Good news to all jogging haters: You don’t need to do long, low-intensity cardio sessions to get fit. As a matter of fact this will probably make you lose the muscles you’ve built up in your legs. Yes, you’ll get skinnier, if that’s what you want. But if the goals is to gain muscles and lose fat, then you should do interval training. Check out our HIIT and Cardio & Core workouts to understand what we’re talking about.

6. Having a fitness routine that’s Monday-Friday

As we talked about in our first Facebook Live video (April 17th) a five day fitness routine might not be enough if your goal is a cut look. We know; the world would be perfect if weekend calories didn’t count in the fitness calculations, but unfortunately they do. As we said in the Facebook Live video it’s all about what kind of lifestyle you want to have. If you are aiming for gold, you need to be disciplined seven days a week. Get in a workout on Saturday, eat clean and healthy through the weekend and feel fantastic on Monday. If this is not for you, it's OK. Just remember that your body often reflects the effort you put in.


7. Copy a Bodybuilders lifestyle

We want you to work hard to reach your goals. At the same time it’s a mistake to copy a bodybuilders lifestyle if you are a normal person that tries to get fit. Why? Bodybuilders have coaches, they (sometimes) get paid and dedicate their life to having as big and visible muscles as possible. Does this match a normal person's lifestyle? Normally not. You can take inspiration from whoever you want, but please don’t copy a 12 week workout plan that a famous bodybuilder has gotten from his coach to prepare for a Bikini Fitness contest. If you want to know more about how to put together a reasonable workout for your goals and your lifestyle, we are happy to answer all the questions you might have.


8. Doing the same workout for ages

Most of us have been there. Going to the gym, day after day, doing the same things over and over again. After a while you feel like the workouts are kind of comfortable, but you keep doing them because at least you know what you’re doing. That’s where the alarm should go off. Comfortable is not a positive word in the fitness language. Workouts should be fun, inspiring, challenging, but not comfortable. Why don’t you try something new to challenge your comfort zone? Do a group class, find a new sport to try, or at least ask the personal trainer in your gym for a new workout routine. At ALPHA we are allergic to monotone fitness. We want you to do Yoga, FitBoxing and HappyBooty one week, and TRX, DanceWorkout and Crosstraining the next week. That is because we believe that you’ll feel better about yourself if you develop all parts of your body and mind. Very soon you’ll find a lot of good input on www.alphamedellin.co, where we’ll give you tips about how to mix up your workouts so that you develop different parts of yourself.