Fit while traveling



PS. There are probably 100 more places that I haven't been to yet, so please comment below if you have more recommendations so we can all stay fit in Medellin. Please be aware that everybody has a different style of eating and consider ‘’eating healthy’’ or ‘’being fit’’ in a different way. For me being fit and eating healthy means to eat as clean as possible. No sauces, excessive salt, no fried food. Some people consider vegetarian or vegan food to be what works for them, some people eat a paleo diet, some people count macros, some count calories. I  cover my top ten ways to stay fit in Medellin + places that I have been to and the idea is to get to add as many places as possible with your help!

  1. I go to Ceres Organic Market in Lleras, Poblado to make my own peanut butter. Super easy and affordable. I pay 8.000 COP for a jar of freshly made peanut butter (no additives, no sugar, just peanuts) I also shop quinoa, rice milk, dates, apple cider vinegar, plant protein powder, flax seeds and chia seeds here. Sometimes I get frozen lentil burger patties here also. FYI - You can find almond milk cheaper at D1 or Exito. For health stores in Laureles, check out: Saludpan and Vita Integral. In Envigado: Integral.
  2. I have a ‘’to go’’ salad from the Salad bar at Crepes and Waffles (big chain that you can find everywhere in Medellin) for lunch. It’s big, it’s 10.500 COP and it’s healthy (+ I can make it myself)! Bingo!
  3. I order a cold brew or a hot americano with a dash of almond or soy milk (depending on what they have) when I go to coffee shops. Lattes and flavored coffee drinks are usually packed with sugar and dairy + they are more expensive. Stick to black coffee or tea (without adding sugar). 
  4. My favorite vegetarian places are Veg station (Poblado), Marietta (Poblado) and Naturalia (Laureles). 
  5. I go to Mundo Verde or Natto  (both in Lleras, on the same street) if I feel like treating myself to a healthy ''nicer'' meal. These two restaurants are more expensive, but have everything a fit eater would want. They have healthy bowls, salads, wraps and more.
  6. Sundays are the perfect health days! I go for a run on Ciclovia (they close part of the big street: Avenida Poblado so people can run and bike on Sundays). I stop at the Farmers market in Parque la Presidenta to buy fresh vegetables and support locals. They also sell healthier versions of arepas there (Flax and chia seed arepas).
  7. I try to eat out as little as possible. I eat my breakfast at home (eggs) and bring snacks like nuts and fruits. There are people selling mango and banana on every corner in Medellin, which makes it easy to snack on something healthy. I also bring super easy to make granola energy balls (Check out the recipe in previous blog posts).
  8. I have a smoothie at Cosechas. Not all smoothies are healthy, so choose the ones that have vegetables as well as fruits. Ask them if all fruits are frozen (avoid the smoothies that have ready made juices and additives added to them). Ceres Organic Market have healthier, organic smoothie options, but are also more expensive.
  9. I rarely drink alcohol anymore, which can be challenging for most people in this lively city. We all know that alcohol is not good for our body and hangovers kinda destroy our workout and healthy eating flow - so I'm not going to preach about that. When I do decide to go out and have some drinks, I try to stick to white/red wine or spirits like vodka and gin (without sugary mixers). They are lower in calories and do not add the extra sugar effect. Bonus tip: Dance a lot while you are out drinking! 
  10. I work out at our gym ALPHA - Fitness & Lifestyle. No machines, no bullshit - just functional workouts, good vibes and super affordable. Travelers, expats and digital nomads love our workouts and that’s why we created ALPHA Online so that everybody can have access to our workouts from anywhere. Check it out here.

I hope this helps you to stay fit in Medellin and gave you some answers regarding where you can get healthy food in Medellin! Please remember to send me all of your experience and suggestions so that I can add them to the list.

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